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Elite Group

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Our mission is simple but the journey is hard.  Providing athletes with an Elite training environment where athletes from all around come together to develop - learn and grow in the sports of Track & Field.  Allowing them an opportunity to excel.  We will provide you with the tools to prepare mentally - physically and emotionally.  But you will need to commit to the PROCESS!

12 Months of Training - 3-4 x's a Week - Over 150 Session


Achieving your T&F goals will not be easy but it will be rewarding. 

PA United Elite 

Age: 15 - 18

Emerging Elite

Age: 12 - 14

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Elite Training

Training 3x’s a week for 52 weeks 156 sessions per 

  • Expert Team of Coaches

  • Elite Training Partners 

  • Positive and Competitive Training Environment 

  • Performance Evaluation  

  • Goal Setting

  • Track Workouts: Sprinting & Event Skills

  • PAU Training Kit: Shorts - 2 Training Tops

  • Auxiliary Training Plan at Home: Mobility - Recovery - Nutrition 

  • Meet Management

  • College Recruiting Assistance

  • Quarterly Assessments

  • Integrated Performance Training

  • State of the Art Facilities and Equipment

  • Broad Network of Coaching Professionals

  • Club Team Affiliation: ($125 for Club Competition Kit)


Events we offer:

  • Sprints - Hurdles - High Jump - Long & Triple Jump


What are your next steps?

Simply follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Review and Apply


A. Review the program that best fits your needs.


B. Tap the Apply button below to begin your application process.

C. Watch the short explainer video of who  PA United is - what  memberships we offer and who we train.

Step 2: 

Schedule Your Consultation

A. Let me know you watched the entire video


B. Scheduled your consultation call


C. Fill out the new athlete questionnaire

D. Submit 2 event videos to have reviewed.

Step 3: 

The Consultation Call

A. Here is where we identify exactly which program best fits your child.

Key Areas:

  • Athlete Goals

  • Athletes Availability

  • Improvement Needs

  • Training Time Table

Step 4:

Enroll and Join our Program!

If you agree on the recommended program and the required commit level.

You will be sent a registration link to get started.

Patty M.

Coach Wootten is like a friend to all of his athletes. He really knows how to push you to your limits and cause you to achieve what you never thought possible.

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