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Long & Triple Jump Class

Class Size: 12 Jumpers

Class Days: Monday - Tuesday & Thursday 

Practice Times: 7:30pm to 9pm 

Locations: Philadelphia Jumps Club Facilities @ 530 Foundry Road         

                                                                     Norristown Pa, 19403

Classes Starting October 1 2021

Long & Triple Jump Training:

Athletes will engage in non-stop Jump instruction. The training sessions will focused on:

1. The Approach-  We will teach the athlete how to get their body in the proper take off position

2. Take Off-  The Jumps are all about the proper angle of take off.  The proper angle of take off is base on an athletes speed, strength and center of mass.

3. Flight Phases- The Flight Phases is dependent upon the athletes speed and Strength - Speed - Balance - Posture and Technique.

4. Triple Jump Phases- The Triple Jump Phases are dependent on an athletes Strength - Speed - Balance - Posture and Technique

5. The Landing-  Landing is the result of a proper take off and flight mechanics which preparing the body for landing.


6. Long Jump Rules- Too many athletes don't understand the rules of the Long Jump.  If you want to compete in an event you should know the rules!

Monday -  Tuesday - Thursday 

7:30pm to 9:00pm

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