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Fall T&F Training Camp

PA United's Fall Off Season Training is set to begin
August 30th!  Our program is designed all Speed Power Athletes:

Sprinters - Jumpers - Hurdlers

Length: 12 Weeks                 Age: 12 & Up

First Practice: Monday, Sept 3rd, 3:30pm

Last Practice: Thursday November 7th, 5:00pm

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 

Practice Times: 4:00pm to 5:30pm 

Locations: PA United Training Center @ 1400 Industrial High Way (Inside The 422 Sportsplex)

Off-Season T&F Training Program:

Our Off Season training program provides athletes an Elite training environment where athletes come together to develop - learn and grow in the sports of Track & Field.  Allowing them an opportunity to excel.  Our Off-Season training will provide you with the tools to be prepared mentally - physically and emotionally for the upcoming season. Training will include: Speed - Power and Strength Training - Capacity Training - Mobility and Recovery. 



Fees:  $450 Less then $17 a Session

Monday -  Tuesday - Thursday 

3:30pm to 5:00pm

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