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The PA United Track & Field Club, founded in 2019, is an AAU member organization.  PA United was founded by Cardwell D. Wootten III out of his desire to promote the sport of track and field to local school districts and communities.  PA United's mission and focus is to INTRODUCE, TEACH, and Fully DEVELOP athletes in a professional environment.  Our membership is open to YOUTH - OPEN & MASTERS athletes age 6 and up.  


If you are looking to learn and grow as an athlete, you’ve come to the right place.  PA United's programs are divided into 3 Training Seasons:

Winter Indoor T&F - Spring T&F - Summer T&F - Cross Country.  PA United offers two training levels during the seasons: Travel and Recreational programs.  Outside of the normal seasonal training we offer athlete the opportunity to enhance their skill by attending Event Specific Classes - Camp & Clinics.    



Our mission is straightforward - helping you 

Become The Athlete You Always Wanted To Be!  


The PA United Club has the following goals:

  1. To provide athletes with the opportunity to learn in an environment where the focus is on skill development and competition preparation.

  2. To help athletes understand their potential in order to improve.

  3. To offer athletes access to an environment of learning that promotes growth and success.

What Does It Take?

* A True Dedication to your craft!  

* A desire to be your Best!  

* An understanding that all components of training: Strength - Skill - Diet -           

   Training, and Recovery work together to achieve your goals. 


Athletes will focus on their training plan around PA United's 5 Training Disciplines.


1. Functional - Event Specific Technique (Event Adaptation through select Exercises and Activities)

2. Coordination - (Relative to Event Skills Multi-Joint Movement, Decreasing wasted movement)

3. Work Capacity - (Endure High Energy Output Over Time)

4. Strength - (Ability to Produce Force - Hold Posture - Be Explosive)

5. Speed - (Movement of Mass and Limbs Over Time and Distance)

Experience PA United

Training Philosophy


PA United Training Philosophy is comprised of three levels of instruction:


Level 1. Foundational of Athletics
Level 2. Event Specific Development
Level 3. Event - Competition Mastery


Programs are designed to coincide with the athletes season, allowing the athlete the optimal conditions to peak for their upcoming competitive season.


The development of each athlete's skills are enhanced during each program, clinic, camp and 1-on-1 coaching provided by PA United. 

Foundations of Athletics


There are six major event areas that comprise athletics: Sprinting, Running, Jumps, Throws, Race Walk and Combined Events all of which require the fundamental development of the five Bio-motor abilities: Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Speed, and Endurance.


At PA United we believe that there is a sixth ability that also needs to be developed by an athlete, Self-Confidence.  Self-Confidence is a major component of success that is only developed when an athlete has full trust and belief in their athletic ability.

Event Development


There are two parts of the Event Development process. First, the athlete selects which major event areas they would like to get specific training under: Distance, Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Race Walk and Combined Events. Second, the athlete chooses which events they would like to focus on under the chosen event area.


After mastering the fundamental skills that are the Foundations of their events, the athletes training becomes specific to their particular events. We adapt our training of the Six bio-motor abilities to improve the athlete specific event modality.

Event Mastery


Mastery is obtained through the focus of Advanced Event Skills Acquisition, Intense Neuromuscular Adaptation through Intense Training and Consistency of High-Level Performance in a particular events.


To clarify, obtaining Event Mastery is not predicated on the fact that an athlete is a District, State or National Champion. Event Mastery is based upon an athlete's ability to perform event specific skills and qualities that are directly linked to the demands of a particular event.


For example, a high school male who runs 10.7 in the 100 Meter Dash is looked at as being a good sprinter. But if that same athlete has major flaws in his running mechanics, then he will never reach his full potential.

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